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New to TopLogoBids?

A design contest is a competition between designers to create the winning design for a client’s design brief.
Clients are called contest holders. A contest holder:
1. Writes a design brief
2. Names the contest’s cash prize
3. Starts their contest.

The contest has five stages:
1. Qualifying Round: Subscribed TopLogoBids designers from around the world see the contest listing in the TopLogoBids marketplace. They compete for the prize by submitting designs that meet the brief.

The contest holder gives feedback and direction to the designers to help them improve on their  designs.

2. Final Round: The contest holder chooses maximum 06 suitable designs.

3. Winner: Finally, the contest holder picks a winner. 

4. Handover: The winning designer sends the final design to TopLogoBids. TopLogoBids checks and sends it to the contest holder within 24 hours.

5. Closed: Once a design has gone through the Design Handover phase and the customer has approved the source files, the project is completed and delivered. TopLogoBids is able to pay winning designers who received design fee.

TopLogoBids offers a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of payment on all contests except:
1. those with a guaranteed prize
2. those that have entered the Final Round, since once you enter the Final round, your contest automatically becomes guaranteed.
 Remember, we will keep your posting fees (normally around US$50) and any option fees (such as the private project or featured upgrade, transaction fees, etc.). Read our full refund policy here. 
What happens to the designs?
Remember, if you ask for a refund on your contest, you aren’t legally entitled to use any of the designs submitted to your contest.
Not happy with the designs? No worries!
We’re more than happy to help you re-write your brief, re-open your project to ensure you get a good result, and help you pick a winning design. Please Contact Us — we’re here to help!


Its Simple:
1. Sign Up for a FREE Account - Click Here.
2. Click on Start a Contest and fill out the short form.
3. Sit back and watch the designs flow in.
You only need a few minutes to complete the order and you can do it all from your desk!

TopLogoBids is a graphic design marketplace that gives creative people opportunities. Businesses everywhere use our service to get graphic designs for Logos, Business Cards, Stationery, Websites, Clothing, Packaging, Book and more.
Our web-based marketplace lets graphic designers (including studios, professional designers, work-from-home designers, student graphic designers and freelance designers) respond to these briefs, win work and earn money.

In order to make the process more efficient and easier for both the designer and contest holder, we do not allow multiple accounts.


At TopLogoBids, you can choose a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum package for your design contest.
You can choose the package you want as part of our online briefing process. Each package costs a different price, and gives you different features. Generally, the more you pay:
• the bigger the designer prize
• the more designs you’ll get to choose from
• the better the quality of designs you’ll get.
You can also name your own price, so long as it’s above the Bronze package price for your chosen design category. To do that, click the I want to create a custom package link …

A design brief is a description of what you want your design to look like, or simply put – your vision. We know you are not a designer, but it is your idea so we need a roadmap to create the perfect design for you. Designers look to the brief to guide them towards creating your final product and making the contest a complete success.

Every open brief Contest that is run on TopLogoBids is a "blind" contest. That is, while the contest is in the Open stage, each of the participating designers can only see their own designs, and cannot see each other's work. Once the contest reaches the Completed stage, designers are able to view all other submissions.
The main reasons Contests are conducted in this manner are to:
1. Place an emphasis on creativity and diversity of design
2. Protect the interests of designers and prevent a group-think mentality
3. Provide Designers who produce good work a better chance of winning

When you submit a design, you can enter a short description of your work in the comment box.
We strongly recommend you provide a meaningful description to help explain your design choices to the contest holder — this can tremendously increase the impact of your design!

If you're selected as a contest finalist, we'll let you know by email, and in the My Contests area.
Customers can only select up to 6 finalists for a contest. So if you're a finalist, it means the customer's so impressed by your work that they want you to compete in the Final round of their contest with a limited number of others.
When a customer selects finalists, they guarantee the contest, which means that the contest's prize money will be awarded to one of the finalists. So the Final round is crunch time: your chance to do your absolute best.
You'll want to listen to the customer's feedback and put everything you can into meeting their needs. By responding to their directions and discussing your designs with them, you'll give yourself the best chance of winning the contest. Don't forget that you can also submit entirely new designs in the Final round. So if inspiration strikes, don't hold back.
In most contests, the Final round lasts for 3 days. If you're a finalist, make sure you're around to refine designs and work with the customer during that time. Good luck!

A guaranteed contest is one whose contest holder has guaranteed that they will select a winning designer, and pay out the prize in their contest.
Guaranteed contests attract more designers — and more designs — than ordinary contests.
You won’t be able to ask for a refund once you confirm your contest prize. But it could make a world of difference to your final design.
Guaranteed contests are marked as guaranteed on the contest page itself, and in the contest listing page, so designers can easily see which contests are guaranteed, and which aren’t.
If a winner isn't chosen in a guaranteed contest, the prize money will be distributed evenly amongst the eligible designers on the 31st day of the contest being in locked. Find out what is a locked contest.

Blind contests are intended to protect designers.
In a blind contest, no one is able to see the entries in a contest except for the contest holder. Designers will only see their own designs and people browsing the site won’t see any of the designs at all.
In blind contests, designers can express their creativity more freely, and without worrying about protecting their original concepts. All website design contests are blind by default, and other contests are made blind if the contest holder requests it.
Once a contest has been made blind, it will remain blind for the duration of the contest. As soon as the contest ends, all entries will become visible to everyone using the site.

Private contests are intended to protect the privacy of contest holders.
Contest holders can upgrade their contest to be private if they’re worried about competitors or others knowing what they’re working on.
Private contests:
• are protected by a non-disclosure agreement (or NDA) that you must agree to in order to view the contest details
• can’t be indexed by search engines.
Designs you submit to a private contest can’t be uploaded to your folio

Invite-only contests are contests that only invited designers can submit designs to.
They aren’t listed in our contest marketplace. The customer holding an invite-only contest will choose the designers they want to invite. If you’re invited, you’ll receive a message containing a link to view the contest.
Invite-only contests have fewer participating designers than other TopLogoBids contests. That means you’ll have a better chance of winning contests you’re invited to. Give it a go!

Once you have successfully posted a project and a draft has been created in your My Account page, you are now ready to pay for your project and launch it so designers can begin working on your designs.

Payments to TopLogoBids are accepted through Credit Card (via GlobalCollect), PayPal. We hold your budget until the designer completes the work. By paying TopLogoBids (and not the designer directly) you are protected and the designers can be assured that they will get paid.

To edit the title of your contest:
- If you haven’t launched a contest, please click “Back” button to modify it
- If you launched a contest, simply click the 'Edit' link, found next to 'Contest title' in your design Brief.

Project upgrades (also known as project add-ons) can help in accelerating the results of your project. They are small features you can purchase in addition to the core feature set to give you a competitive edge in attracting better designer, receiving designs faster and improving the overall results of your project.
Each upgrade has been specifically designed to ensure you are able to reach as many designers as possible and cater the project to your needs. You are able to choose to upgrade your project at two points of the project, either: 
1. When you post your project - during the review step of the order process you are given the option of selecting the upgrades you want to add to your project. 
2. During the project - you can upgrade mid-project via the manage project page through the Upgrade Your Project

You are able to remove a draft project within your My Account page. To do this, log into your account where you will see you an overview of your Projects. Simply click on the Delete Draft button associated with the project and follow the prompts to confirm removal of the draft.
Note: Projects which have been launched cannot be deleted in this way.

Providing good feedback will guarantee you great results. When providing feedback, there are a few rules you should stick to:
1. Make your feedback specific and actionable:
 When the designer reads your feedback they should immediately know what elements of the design you like and do not like. The designer needs to know what changes they need to make - not guess them.
2. Make it constructive: 
Simply telling a designer "I don't like it" is useless unless you explain why and how you feel it could be improved. If the designer is not on the right path then let them know. Better yet, try brainstorming some ideas to get them back on the right track. As a starting point, tell the designer what you like or dislike about the style, color, structure, typography (font) used etc.
3. Show encouragement where possible:
Try and identify areas of the design you like and let the designer know this. Providing some quick points on areas of the design that you find valuable might lead the designer down a path to a design that's perfect for you!  If you want to see more designs from them, let them know!

There are 2 ways you can do this: 
1. On each contest page there is a star rating system that allows you to rate how much you like the design they created for you by rating it from one to five stars. 
2. You can also leave a comment in the feedback field of the contest. Remember, it is required to give feedback and it will drastically improve your contest results.

Each project allows customers and designers to interact through a message page. You can interact with your designers via your manage project page (on your My Account page), by clicking on Designer Discussion tab. Here you are able to broadcast a message that will be displayed on your project brief and allows designers to send a message in response. 

Yes, a contest holder can pick a winner and end the contest at any time. 

You’ll then have 4 days to select your 06 finalists. If you don’t do this within 4 days, your contest will be put on hold.
Here’s how to choose your finalists:
• To add a designer as a finalist, click the Select button located beneath any of that designer’s entries. Take your time making your selection — once you’ve moved into the Final round, you can’t change your finalists!
• Once you have finished selecting your finalists, click the I’m done selecting button next to the list of finalists.  
• Finally, you will be asked to confirm your finalists and agree to guarantee your contest at this point. This means that once you have completed this step, you will no longer be able to request a refund.

You have 14 days after the contest has ended to pick a winning design.

To award a winner in your contest, follow these steps:
1. Go to the ‘Designs’ tab and click on the ellipsis menu ‘•••’ beneath the design you wish to award the prize to, and select ‘Award winner’. 
2. You can also award a winner from the fullscreen view for any design in your contest. To do this simply select ‘Award winner’ from the ellipsis menu found in the top right of the fullscreen design view.
3. Next, you’ll be asked to confirm that you wish to award that design as the winner. Please ensure that you’ve selected the correct design and then click on the orange CONFIRM WINNER button.
Pro Tip:
Once you’ve confirmed your winning design, your contest will enter the Design Handover stage. During the Handover you’ll be able to request minor design revisions before the prize is released to your winning designer.

You can also award multiple winners if you like more than one design.

Usually, yes. Designers typically provide minimal revisions for free and will be happy to do more detailed revisions for a reasonable price.
Your best bet is to ask the designer directly if they can make your changes using a private message
Note: Designers aren’t obligated to make any changes to their winning designs, so if you want to ensure your changes will be made, ask for them before you declare the contest’s winner.

The Design Handover is the stage where you and the designer sign the Design Transfer Agreement and your designer transfers the finished design files to you that approved by TopLogoBids.
1. The first step after awarding a winner will be to wait for your winning designer to upload the finished design files to TopLogoBids. TopLogoBids will check and send you the approved files within 24 hours.
2. Once you receive the finished design files, you’ll have 5 days to review the files and to request any minor changes or revisions that you may need.
3. After you’ve ensured that you have everything that you need, check the box ‘I agree to the Design Transfer Agreement’ and click on the ‘APPROVE FILES AND RELEASE PAYMENT’ button to transfer ownership of the design into your name and to release the prize payment to your winning designer. 
4. After you’ve released the prize, you’ll have the opportunity to leave a testimonial for the winning designer. To leave a testimonial, simply click on ‘Please review your designer’ on the Handover page. The testimonial will be featured in the designer’s portfolio on our site.
5. At the end of your contest you will also be presented with the option to engage your winning designer in a 1-to-1 project. To start a 1-to-1 project with your winning designer, click the ‘START A NEW PROJECT WITH...’ button on your finished handover page. 


You will receive different files depending on the type of project you run and the type of design you are requesting.  TopLogoBids has Minimum Design Standards that specify certain required file types (see the lists below) that you will receive for each type of project.  You will receive these file types unless you specify otherwise in your project brief.  You may also receive some additional files ("source files") depending on the designer who submitted the design.  
Type of Design Files
Logo Design: 
      • 1 EPS file vector file - fully scalable and editable for use with printers
      • 1 Large JPG file - for use in high quality documents
      • 1 Small JPG file - for use on the web
      • (Additional) Original source file - normally an AI vector file also used with printers
Web design (Layout Only):
      • 1 JPG preview file
      • 1 source file - a PSD File or other source file
      • (Additional) 1 or more images files - JPG, GIF or PNG files
Other graphic design:
      • 1 JPG preview file
      • 1 Source file - EPS, PSD, AI, HTML or a ZIP file containing these files
      • (Additional) 1 or more source files - JPG, PNG, GIF and/or a ZIP file containing these files

If a contest is not awarded within 14 days of the contest ending, we’ll distribute their prize money for all participated designers.

14 days. At times the contest holder will need to get approval from outside parties (clients, business partners, etc.) prior to choosing the final design. In some cases there may be difficulty in choosing a winning design amongst so many great designs to choose from. If you feel the process is taking too long, please feel free to contact us.

Usually, yes. Designers typically provide minimal revisions for free and will be happy to do more detailed revisions for a reasonable price.
Your best bet is to ask the designer directly if they can make your changes using a private message, or during the Design Handover stage.
Note that designers aren’t obligated to make any changes to their winning designs, so if you want to ensure your changes will be made, ask for them before you declare the contest’s winner.

If you decide on more than one winner, or cannot decide between winners, and wish to own the top two or three designs you can award a second and/or third place.
If you wish to award second or third places, please follow the steps:
1. Go to your My account page,
2. Click on the Manage Project link for the project you want to increase the value of, and
3. Under project admin tools, click on the Increase Project Budget tool.
This page will allow you to:
o Add / increase the 1st place budget for the winning designer
o Add / increase the 2nd place budget for a designer
o Add / increase the 3rd place budget for a designer
We will charge more 5% your budget for 2nd winning designer and more 5%  your budget for 3rd winning designer.


Yes, you definitely can and it is FREE! Inviting designers is very simple:
1. First you have to find a designer you like. 
2. Once you found a designer, click through to their designer portfolio. Then click on the green "Invite to project" button on the left-hand panel.
3. This will bring up an information box allowing you to invite the designer to one of your existing projects (or if you have not posted a project yet, you can launch a new project for this designer and the invite will be automatically sent for you once launched).
4. Next, you will be taken to a page to compose your invitation message.

There's none. You may invite as many designers as you need from the Designer directory.

There's none. You may invite as many designers as you need from the Designer directory.

You can contact the contest holder publicly, or privately.
Public contact: the Content Discussion area
You can ask any questions you're happy to have made public in the Contest Discussion area at the bottom of the contest page.
Simply type in the box to ask your question. 
When the contest holder answers it, your question will appear in the public discussion thread, along with the answer.
 We’ll email you their response at the same time. 
 Keep in mind that a contest holder can choose to ignore your comment if, for example, it’s off-topic or has already been answered elsewhere.
They may also choose to answer your question privately if they wish. In that case, we’ll email you their response, but it won’t appear in the Contest Discussion.
Private contact: Private Comments and Messages 
To contact the contest holder, communicate through the private comments section on your Entries page.


The amount you get paid depends on: 
1. The amount allocated by the project owner
2. How well your design performs.This will dictate whether or not you are selected for a place payment.  
3. If your design meets our Minimum Design Standards.
You will be notified how much you will be paid for a specific submission after the brief closing date via email.
All earnings from a contest will be subject for a 15% commission fee.

Yes. It is FREE to enter a contest.

1. The contest must be over.
2. The Contest Holder will choose a winning design.
3. An email will go out to both the Contest Holder and the Winning Designer announcing the official winner.
4. The Designer will be requested to send the final original files to TopLogoBids in the format Contest Holder initially requested.
5. TopLogoBids will check and send the final original files to Contest Holder
6. Once the files are received by the Contest Holder the funds (minus the applicable fees) will be immediately released to the Designer.

This means the customer does not want to buy your design or they need revisions so they can no longer select it.  Don't worry this is quite normal; it is just another form of feedback and happens to the best designers all the time.  The customer should have sent you some feedback with the elimination.  Either way, you could try messaging the customer a response or submitting another design.

We take copyright infringements very seriously so as soon as you think you see a design which you think shows a direct copy of some of your work, you should notify us immediately.
To do this, click on the Report an issue button on the design from our site, which will allow you to report the design to us. Provide as much detail as you can so that we can illustrate this violation and act accordingly.

For logo design contests and other types of graphic design contests, when you submit a design your designs will be shown to the client on our website as JPGs. 
If the project is public, your designs will be added to your designer portfolio and will be shown to other users of TopLogoBids. By default, all designs submitted to a design contest are kept hidden from other designers until the design contest deadline finishes. Once a deadline for a contest passes all designs for that contest are displayed publicly if the project has not been set to private.
Designers can control the designs displayed in their portfolios by either showing all the designs they've submitted or only the designs they've submitted that received a place payment.

We recommend your JPG file dimensions to be 1200x1000 pixels (W:H). 
This preview file is only used around the TopLogoBids site to display your design to the customer and only needs to be large enough to display correctly when the user clicks to view larger version (otherwise it will be usually scaled down to a thumbnail size of 300 x 250).

Firstly, check the size of the files you are trying to upload and make sure they are not excessively large, maybe:
- Draft JPG size is larger than 2 Mb and the resolution does not need to be above 1024 pixels in width, the server will often throw an error. 
- Source file size is greater than 25 Mb, look at reducing the size of your files by compressing them into a ZIP file or removing any unnecessary graphics from your image. In some cases, customers are happy to receive designs in separate parts (for website pages etc), so in these cases you can provide separate uploads at a time (contact your client to see if they are happy with this first).
In cases where your file is still not uploading, please get in contact with us to find other means of uploading your files. If you have access to a file share, ftp or online storage and you are able to provide a link to this, simply upload your files there and notify us (via the contact page).

Yes, it is still possible. However, once a deadline closes, new concepts that are submitted after will usually not be taken into consideration by the customer. If the designers have made submissions prior to the deadline, they are still able to submit revisions of their work for the client.

Revised designs can’t be submitted to a contest after it’s ended.
Explain to the contest holder that they need to contact TopLogoBids customer support to reopen their contest.
If your design was declared the winner, any extra work the client needs (beyond small finishing tweaks to that design) can be done using our 1-to-1 Invoicing system. 

As a designer, the first steps in the contest Handover stage are uploading the final design files, and signing the Design Transfer Agreement.
Once a Contest Holder accepts the final files, they will themselves sign the Design Transfer Agreement and will release the prize payment.

Most designers opt to use Adobe designer software - this provides them with a full suite of design tools to handle almost any project on TopLogoBids. That is: 
 Illustrator CS5 ( Essential for entering logo contests, Icon designs, Business cards, Clothing & Merchandise designs, Stationery designs, …
 Photoshop CS5 ( Essential for Website design contests, Brochure, Packaging designs, …
 InDesign CS5 ( Excellent for Brochure and Print designs
Essentially downloading the Adobe Creative Suite 5: Design Premium  ( gives a designer access to all design tools they need for any type of project.
If you are on a tight budget and don't want to spend too much money,there are some trial and free programs out there that are also used (not as much). See 
Note: On some projects, such as logo design contests clients will request a particular format and therefore these require different software and output files. For example, clients may require designers to use Coral Draw ( and produce CDR output files.


A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form, and conveys an intended message. There are five principles that you should follow to ensure that this is the case (in no particular order): 
1. an effective logo is simple, 
2. memorable, 
3. timeless, 
4. versatile, and 
5. appropriate
You can view some of the winners to get a feel for Logo Design on our Logo Contest page. 

1-to-1 Projects

1-to-1 Projects is a streamlined, secure way to collaborate with individual designers on private projects.
It's an online workspace where you can view designs, provide feedback, store files, and receive and pay invoices for your design projects.
• The ultimate workspace for design projects: You can comment on designs and review new versions in context, so all communication about the project is conveniently saved in one place.
• Safe payment: Make secure payment via the TopLogoBids payment platform.
• Secure storage: Your finished design files are stored indefinitely on TopLogoBids, so they’re always accessible.
Not sure why you’ve been invited to a 1-to-1 project? Designers can be a friendly bunch but contact support if you want to report any suspicious activity.

TopLogoBids charges a 5% support fee plus a 2.5% payment processing fee on top of each amount invoiced through the 1-to-1 Projects platform.
Both parties will see this fee on each invoice created.

Only designers can send invoices.
Simply come to an agreement with the designer on the scope of work and ask them to send you an invoice. 
There can be multiple invoices attached to a single project if you wish you break up a larger project into smaller pieces, each with it's own invoice.

You can work on a 1-to-1 project with any TopLogoBids designer, including designers you have awarded as the winner or a finalist in a design contest.

The Design Transfer Agreement is a legal contract signed by both customer and designer to transfer copyright and IP ownership to the customer. It takes effect when the customer pays a designer's invoice through 1-to-1 projects.